Legal English for Lawyers and Legal counsel


Nowadays, lawyers are confronted with English-language texts from all over the world. However, the contractual English used is not always easy to grasp and sometimes designed very difficult. 
Legal English for lawyers is essential to survive in the professional life. Often the lawyer must understand the culture and the environment of the country of origin in order to correctly interpret texts and facts.

Thus, the legal profession of the 21st century demands not only thorough knowledge of laws and legal situations, but also more complex skills and abilities. Accordingly, they must be able to translate the intent and will of a client into the right words on the basis of the law. 
Globalization in trade and services has made secure Legal English a must for lawyers.


In-depth language skills in legal English for lawyers in an international field of activity are essential to survive in the global world in the long term. A language certificate gives the participant proof of mastering English legal language. Moreover, in addition to proven knowledge of Legal English for lawyers and lawyers, the ILEC is not only well-equipped in international negotiations and contracting, but also has a degree. Of course, ABLE supports you both before and after certification.

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