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Business English Skills as you always wanted to master. Imagine, the phone rings and you immediately realize you’re dealing with an English-speaking customer. Oh dear, your weak business English skills might come to light. Perhaps you will even begin to stutter. What’s more, your conversation partner speaks very fast. You don’t quite follow. You are overwhelmed. And you don’t want to leave a bad impression on the customer. So you decide to pass the call to your younger colleague whose English skills are more advanced. Is this really what you want? There IS another way out.

In the future, you do not want to experience this situation again: you ask your boss if you could attend a further-training course “Professional Telephoning in English”. Once you have convinced him of its benefits, you will feel relieved. You really look forward to the course because you expect great benefits.

Improve your Business English skills with professional support

In business life, language skills are crucial in today’s age of globalization and cut-throat competition.

An employee with recognizable competence in business language skills is likely to climb the career ladder with ease. And the same applies to the company as a whole.

Poor language skills in the business language may lead to negative effects on sales, profitability and process efficiency in their companies.

It is therefore essential that everyone who wants to succeed in business, managers and employees alike, focuses on improving their language skills in the company.

Acquiring business English skills enables you to communicate easily and clearly with your colleagues, subordinates, supervisors and customers from abroad, and this leads to increased productivity.

Here are a few simple ways you can quickly improve your business English skills:


Improving vocabulary is the key to mastering the technical terms used in business language.

In addition, you can search the Internet, for example at to find the terminology used in the specific area you currently work in. It is important that you choose dedicated approach to learning and track down the meaning of a quantity of business words currently unknown to you. A business dictionary can be particularly helpful, as you will find the full meaning of new terms and their use in business communication.

Master the terminology for technical discussions

Advanced knowledge of technical terminology eliminates misunderstandings.
Every employee with customer contact must be able to use company terms correctly so that product characteristics and processes are communicated effectively and truthfully to the interlocutors. Expert explanations, correct information transfer and understanding of how the customer or interlocutor ticks in the Business English Skills scenario are crucial when concluding a sales contract.

Practice makes perfect

Learning new terminology from English Business Skills will not affect your communication skills until and as long as these terms are used correctly in your daily communication.

You must try to use as many relevant words as possible in your discussions with colleagues. In addition, recently learned terminology can and should be integrated into your presentations so that you can rely on your ability to use it.

Finally, you need to use your business English skills to write business emails.

In Business English courses, you will practise various oral situations from your profession. You will take part in dialogues, discussions and meetings directly from your field. You will also be assisted in convincing and self-confident speaking, e.g. in a lecture, small talk, asking questions with correct pronunciation, stress and emphasis. You will learn how to open and close conversations, how to use appropriate language, how to influence discussions and how to bring success to the workplace.


1. The Business English skills mentioned above, which correspond to the scenarios in the company

2. Strategies for diplomatic as well as assertive communication

3. Small talk

4. Phrasal verbs and grammar, as needed

Now you can clearly visualize the benefits:

  1. You will feel more confident and satisfied with your job.
  2. You will no longer feel insecure.
  3. You will be able to polish up your CV.
  4. You will be able to work more precisely, more flexibly in the company’s interest.
  5. A good command of English will pay off. In the next interview, you will stress the improvement of your business English skills.
  6. Your company will appreciate you even more.

You will acquire valuable skills and practice in presenting and discussing ideas, revising corrected grammar and perfecting pronunciation.

One-to-one training/small in-house course group: How to learn faster

At ABLE you can choose individual tuition via SKYPE or an in-house group course. If you have a personal or professional concern, we recommend individual tuition. Logically, you will reach your goal much faster. Our instructors will be able to adapt to your individual learning needs more effectively.

We also offer group lessons at your company or law firm. The courses are limited to six persons because the trainer can dedicate himself extensively to each training participant. The minimum number of participants is four. Business English Munich company group courses on- and off-line are tailored to your needs. You should be able to put your new language skills into practice as quickly as possible.


All ABLE trainers are didactically trained and trained. They continue to train through further education, thus perfecting their pedagogical and professional skills. Our business English language trainers have a university degree in either general business, marketing or related fields.

We attach great importance to their having practical work experience.

Business English Learning: an ABLE instructor speaks

“My colleagues are didactically trained and academically educated. We continue to improve our skills ourselves through further training and thus perfect our pedagogical and technical skills. As instructors for Business English courses, we naturally have a university degree, either in linguistics, general business administration, marketing or a related field. We all have practical work experience, mostly from German companies.”


Of course, you want to learn Business English in a relaxed, open environment. Scientifically a positive learning atmosphere furthers learning success. 

Accordingly, our premises are tastefully furnished seminar rooms with state-of-the-art technology, such as projector, flipchart, whiteboard and pin board.

For the little break in between, there is self-service coffee or tea  – of course free-of-charge. 

Where is ABLE? In Feilitzschstraße 1, just 20 metres from the U-Bahn station “Münchner Freiheit”. In the immediate area, there are many nice cafés and restaurants for après-English.

We also offer our courses via SKYPE.


(0049) 89 180828



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