Comments from previous course participants


“The following documents / hints were profitable for me: course elements, homework and exercises, terminology and vocabulary as well as the helpful tips. On the positive side, I perceived that the lecturer personally addressed the individual and provided assistance, while reviewing my emails, he showed a lot of patience and answered all my questions.

The lecturer recieved top grades from both participants on working methods, preparation of the contents as well as presentation and comprehensibility of his lessons.”

(Participants in the workshop “Introducton to Legal English – Level B1)

Jelena Majić und Anja Gohrbandt Legal Department Pro7 Sat1Media AG
Legal Department at Pro7SatMedia


“Dear Dr. King, we would like to thank your trainer for the two English workshops he held in our office for our Foreign Language Correspondents (Legal English) and our receptionists (English-speaking office communicaton).

Both workshops were very practice-orientated, the teaching material convincing. In particular, the coach succeeded in his humorous way to make the training very lively and actively involved the participants – the time is gone in no time, but the learning outcomes are integrated into our work!

We can recommend you at any time without restriction and wish you continued success”

Gisèle Masson, Office Manager of CMS Hasche Sigle

“Profitable was the good mix of written documents, oral exercises, the written corrections (mails and dictations) and for me personally descriptions in English by the lecturer and thus an increase in vocabulary, phrases and correct syntax.

I appreciated the very lively, varied and professional way of organising the lessons and the questions asked at regular intervals to all particpants, whether we have the requests for change or suggestions.”

Christine W., Raupach & Wollert-Elmendorff
Art director

“In the period from April to June 2011, you conducted training for two of our staff members in two groups, each in the course of telephone conversations and in the reception of clients in English. You have also be treated for writing short emails

For each group you have held 12 lessons. The ladies and gentlemen were very impressed by your friendly, empathetic nature and your sense of humour.

The practice-orientated exercises all helped a lot to make us feel secure with telephone calls and the reception of English speaking clients.

We thank you for your work and are happy to recommend you.“

Dr. Joachim Schervier, Notare Schervier + Schwarz




Kanzlei Peter Grauer (RA)

Anwaltschaft Baypapier (RA) 

Kanzlei Noerr LLP (Assistenz)

Kanzlei Peters Schönberg und Partner (Assistenz)

Kanzlei LUTZ | ABEL (RA)

Kanzlei Peter Mehring (Sen.) (RA)

Kanzlei Lorenz Seidler Gossel (Assistenz)

Kanzlei Peters Schönberg und Partner (Assistenz)

 Kanzlei KÜFFNER MAUNZ LANGER ZUGMAIER (RA+Assistenz) ANSYS Germany GmbH (Unternehmensjurist)

Kanzlei Peter Grauer (RA)

Rechtsanwälte Stetter (RA)

Kanzlei Raupach & Wolters-Elmendorff (Assistenz) 

Kanzlei Dr. Peter Fleschutz (Assistenz)

Kanzlei RA Schwarz Kelwing Wicke und Westpfahl (Assistenz) Kanzlei Zirngibl Langwieser (Assistenz)

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