Legal English Course B1

Legal English Course B1 Intermediate


Here at ABLE we offer you the Legal English Course B1, which focuses on the following topics: Reading, listening and writing. You will never again feel inferior to others and approach your job with a new self-confidence, because you do not want to relive the recent experience……..

Let’s say you recently participated in the conference on “Intellectual Property Protection and Trademark Rights”, organized in Munich by the World Jurist Association. You can still remember exactly how embarrassing it was for you personally when you noticed that your legal English skills left much to be desired. You understood only 70% of the presentation in English. When, after the conference, you were asked to speak in a mixed language group about the contents of the speeches, your gaps in English legal terminology came to light. You felt from the body language of the other participants that they had lost respect for you and questioned your credibility. At that moment you would have liked to bury your head in the sand. The documents that were handed out also contained words that you could not fully understand. Embarrassing! Embarrassing! Embarrassing! You suddenly began to doubt your competence and the whole week you were in a bad mood.

Perhaps you have experienced something like the above…..

That’s why you are determined to change this situation by enrolling immediately in a course that will prepare you quickly and effectively for the legal environment in English.


Global understanding of shorter texts: law firm e-mails and letters, simplified newspaper articles on court cases and litigation, memos, discussion and expansion of legal knowledge and legal terminology.


Have you ever thought you speak a foreign language quite well, but have difficulty understanding a person with a strong accent? Or suppose someone speaks unusually fast and you are unable to follow the person, or worse, you just can’t fathom legal English mixed with legal terminology! What would you feel?

We have not mentioned speaking as an extra part, as it is constant in all we do. We speak your language if we know it and only if it is necessary to get the meaning across. This way you will gain in confidence and be able to explain most things in English.

So be prepared for the next English-language event or client meeting! At ABLE, we can help you perfect your listening and speaking skills so that you will be able to understand every person (regardless of their pronunciation, speaking speed, etc.).


  1. Global understanding of shorter dialogues, e.g. interviews with attorneys, lawyers and legal clients, fast analysis of legal scenarios, typical law firm calls and replies, short talks and presentations.
  2. Telephone calls: common phoning situations at your law firm.
  3. Short talks and presentations


Imagine! You receive an e-mail from a renowned law firm. You immediately notice numerous spelling mistakes, and in some places even a few words are missing. Would you suddenly – like most people – begin to question the competence, credibility and image of this law firm? Do you seriously believe that clients are willing to pay legal fees if such incompetence comes to light?

In our Legal English course, you will become more familiär with different types of client correspondence:

  1. Writing e-mails on a simple to intermediate level
  2. Writing memos (internal messages)
  3. Simple correspondence with colleagues abroad
  4. Professional handling of replies

Afterwards you will feel much more competent, relaxed and self-confident, we promise you!


  1. Understanding legal texts
  2. Synonyms and antonyms from the legal field.
  3. Related words (cognates) + collocations (e.g., matching verbs, adjectives)
  4. Tools online, and offline dictionaries “How do I create a glossary for my work in the firm?”


  1. Review of Tenses in legal context
  2. English sentence structure
  3. If-clauses
  4. Indirect speech, e.g. The defendant maintained he had been at home that evening.”
  5. Preposition exercises
  6. English phrase building


  1. You will receive all your learning materials free of charge
  2. You will be given a wealth of material from legal sources; having successfully completed this course
  3. You will be able to register for the next level up B2/C1 and the internationally recognized TOLES examination.


As a participant in an ABLE Workshop Legal English Course B1, you will receive the best possible support from your language teacher. We are proud of our staff, who have several years of experience in workshops and courses in renowned law firms and often maintain contact with former course attendees even after completing the course.

As a participant in an ABLE-workshop at this level, you will receive the best possible support from your language instructor, who has gathered several years of experience by giving workshops and courses in renowned law offices.


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You’ll benefit from our high-quality, effective courses.
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