Legal English

English for lawyers and law firm assistants


We offer qualified language courses in Legal English for lawyers and legal assistants.

This will open up new target groups, while you achieve more security and persuasiveness in legal and/or business English. Our trainer/instructors are mainly, trained legal experts from the United Kingdom and the United States

This will help you get to know the English language from expert to lawyer. In addition, you will learn about the peculiarities of the respective legal systems. Get your edge over the competition now. Be confident on the international stage!

Improve your language skills and win new clients today!

Book a Legal or Business English Training in Munich – tailored to your needs. For lawyers and law firm employees, we offer a variety of English courses in our rooms in Munich, anywhere via SKYPE or in-house or at your office: English for lawyers and Legal Assistants!


It is also worthwhile for your law firm staff to refresh their English skills and to deepen their Legal English for the law firm.

Your employees gain security; you prove professionalism in dealing with English-speaking clients.

Your employees learn only from native speakers/legal experts. As a rule, our carefully selected language teachers are British or US professionals.

The learning content and exercises of our courses are all relevant to practice. If you wish, you can also learn important details about cultures and legal systems. What you learn from us can be applied immediately in your law firm or at your workplace. 

Quality is also recognizable in the English language. In a one-to-one course, the individual course content means you can learn the necessary more intensively and more individually. If you want to take advantage of such an offer, sign up for one-to-one tuition today. 

Legal English for law firm employees .

Register today for one of our Legal English courses for lawyers and clerks so you can confidently speak English. This will give you more clients and leave a professional image for your law firm.

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You’ll benefit from our high-quality, effective courses.
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