Business English for your job


People previously conscientious at school in English lessons soon realize that what they learned is not enough for effective communication in the business world. This English course for adults, focused on the special requirements of the business world, will help here. But what qualifies for its place in a good course?

  • • Analysis of learning procedure
  • Material based on individual needs
  • Real-life situations
  • Relaxed approach to learning.
  • Healthy stress via good humor

In future, your English course is mainly about applying skills to real-life situations. The fun aspect plays an obvious role. Accordingly, the course contents are taught in a relaxed way, with little stress.


Especially in the business world, it is important to avoid misunderstandings caused by intercultural differences. Clear communication is effective communication. A sound English course therefore includes information about the culture and customs of the speaker, not only vocabulary, grammar and sentence building. Example: In this course, small talk, expressions frequently used, the right tone of speech and everyday communication are practised in writing and verbally.

Your ABLE English Course: Needs are intensive and individual

Not least, the needs of you, the participants, are different from case to case. Needs play an important role just as much as the industry where you are employed or the circumstances where you use English. It is important that we tailor each course individually to your needs. An initial discussion with ABLE is designed to find out the contents the participant expects and wants to be incorporated into his/her course. 

To simply dismiss, “English for your Job” is a fatal mistake. The individual course must convey just the right content for your learning objectives. This way you will master the language faster and more closely for your needs with one-to-one lessons.

If you are looking for further courses, please take a look at our comprehensive course programme! As a result, you can improve your skills in many areas. How about professional emails or phone calls in Business English? If you’re looking for better English from professional teachers, a rewarding adventure and the advantage a future perspective can offer, email us your wishes today and we will send you an offer!



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