Business English for the Trade Fair

Improve your trade-fair presence with convincing English. For more Customers. More Sales.


You wish to create a professional trade-fair presence. You want to attract foreign visitors to your stand and converse competently with them in Business English for the trade fair, hoping to clinch more sales.
A professional appearance at an international trade fair can influence the economic success of your company. Good English skills at the show are key for communicating with potential customers. Competent, linguistically correct advice about your products and services will clearly raise visitors’ interest at international trade fairs.


  1. Polish up your Business English for the next trade fair.
  2. How to use correct, fluent English to get more customers, more sales.
  3. How to grab your visitors’ interest at international trade fairs with correct English.
  4. How to develop a polished company and product image for your customers.

Course Programme

  1. Welcome your customers and make them feel at ease.
  2. Present and explain your products and services in appealing English.
  3. Raise interest in your products and/or services with customer-oriented phrases.
  4. Get new contacts; renew contacts with existing customers.
  5. Create a positive atmosphere for your clients at the stand.
  6. Build up trust with them.
  7. Learn how to follow-up phone calls and e-mails.
  8. Learn about “Business English Presentations” for improving your next talk

Now, you will know how to conduct a successful conversation in Business English at your next trade fair. Sign up today!

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