Business English for Phoning

Business English for Company and Law Firm Phoning

Get the right tone in Phoning for Business English

You are a trained legal or commercial assistant, relatively confident in dealing with English phone calls? But sometimes your callers have awkward personalities; some non-native speakers have unusual accents; some have different “telephoning styles”. In this course you will learn how to manage such ‘tricky’ calls without “losing your cool”. With this course “Phoning for Business English“, you will strike the right tone. 


  1.    Practical phrases and standard sentences in Phoning for Business English.
  2.   Develop strategies for coping with delicate everyday situations.  Just 3 examples: emotional, impolite and confused people on the phone.
  3.   How to communicate with an English-speaking contact in clear English.
  4.    Constructive tips on making the conversation more efficient and relaxed.
  5.     English-language telephone etiquette and the intercultural differences between the UK, the United States and your country.


  1.   Practising the phoning scenarios in your job.
  2. Improving your cooperation, your patience with awkward callers, showing respect.
  3. Make your sovereign phone manner even more convincing.
  4. Learn how to “sell” your company’s products and/or services.
  5. Scheduling: agreements, postponements, forwarding or cancelling meetings, conferences and appointments.
  6. Important tips on how to deal with the potential client individually and win him/her over for your company.
  7. You will soon be fitter for small talk and know when and how to use it.


After this workshop, you will be able to speak more confidently with English-speaking partners on the phone such as lawyers, clients and assistant colleagues from abroad.

You will become familiar with the respective countries code of conduct. As a result of your newly acquired Active Listening Strategies, you will be better prepared to deal with complaints, aggression and nervousness from your callers. You will train your telephone voice to sound fresh, lively and friendly. This will assist you to disguise minor errors. 



i.  Trained Instructors. Your instructor will adopt the role of the English-speaking caller. He will adapt his language level to your own, encouraging you to deliver your very best without overtaxing you.

ii.  Best Practice Exercises. Business English calls will be skillfully designed and practised with you.

iii. Interactive and applied to your needs. In role-plays you will do exercises from everyday practice. You will learn how to make effective use of your voice, smile. You will master the secret weapon of gestures.

iv. Positive Feedback. Your lawyer will notice and favourably comment on your phoning manner. Don’t forget to refer to your investment and commitment in the next performance review.


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