Business English Presentations

The ideal course for improving your presentation style for an international audience.

Are you expecting to give an important Business English presentation?

Presentations in Business English are part of everyday life. To shine here, you must articulate correctly, convincingly.

In this course, you will be guided step by step through the process of creating a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere, the ideal setting for presenting your ideas and arguments.

  1. The first impression: Powerful Opening Statements.
  2. Find the optimal conclusion for lasting impact: Powerful Closing Statements.
  3. Learn how to activate and motivate your listeners. Learn the suitable body language, voice and gesture for your particular audience. Build an active relationship with your audience.
  4. You will receive targeted self-confidence exercises to help you act competently and convincingly.
  5. Your workshop leader? A native speaker of English with a considerable negotiating background.
  6. On request, we can translate or correct your presentation plan  into English.


  1. Master the transition from “stage fright” to “stage might“.
  2. You will use numerous English-language modules to build up your presentation scenarios.
  3. By means of “chunking“, (dividing up into smaller parts or portions) formulate and articulate clearly, precisely and structured.
  4. Your trainer will correct mistakes according to your wishes: grammar or wrong term/expression. He/she will comment on your voice, your delivery, the audience reception. You’ll improve your presentation and deliver just what you want: a professional impression.


  1. Efficiency: You can tailor the content to match your purpose.
  2. Time savings: In one-to-one or the closed group, you can focus totally on your needs and be considerably more flexible in making appointments.
  3. Solution diversity: You’ll receive considerably more input and variants for your individual goals.
  4. Shadowing: You’ll have the opportunity to simulate “tricky” real-life scenarios. This will prepare you well for everyday situations.          Register today for Presentations in Business English so you can successfully present your products and/or services confidently and competently.
Register today so you can successfully give your presentation in English tomorrow.


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