Business English Meetings

Add that professional touch to your Business English for the next meeting.

Business English Meetings

Learn the semi-formal language you need for Business English meetings!

As a chairperson or participant in a company meeting, familiarize yourself with meeting procedures and suitable expressions and terms.

Simulate authentic meetings in Business English under the guidance of an experienced professional.

As the chairperson or participant of a session, you will need to familiarize yourself with the procedure and common phrases, even if you speak very reasonable business English.
Each country also has different, sometimes foreign cultural customs, for which there is not always a direct translation in its own language. It is therefore advisable to participate in simulations of authentic meetings under the guidance of a professional.

3 Important Advantages of this Training 

  1. You will become familiar with building blocks and terms to organize your meeting perfectly.
  2. You will be directly immersed in corporate Business English meeting scenarios.
  3. You will adopt various roles in meeting scenarios. You will learn the language of meetings and many ways to boost your self-confidence.

Course Programme

  1. The agenda; the “minutes” secretary; gathering necessary information and opinions.
  2. How to conduct a meeting in the UK and/or the USA
  3. The English vocabulary necessary for the meeting will be yours.
  4. Meeting scenarios, getting participants’ opinions, commenting on and challenging opinions, expressing your own opinion.
  5. “I agree, but …” Dealing with people who always disagree.
  6. Steering the argument in the desired direction.
  7. “Order, please!” Working with digressions and disturbances.
  8. “Let’s put it to the vote!” The vote following the discussion.

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