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Imagine! The phone rings. Suddenly you realize that you are dealing with an English-speaking customer who expects the best Business English Office skills. You start to stutter because you know that your English is not that good. Moreover, your conversation partner speaks very quickly and you cannot quite follow him. You feel totally overwhelmed.

To avoid giving your client a bad impression, you forward the call to your colleague, whose English skills are more advanced.  

This is a very embarrassing situation; you do not want to relive such a scene in the future. You ask your boss if it would be possible for the company to send you on a training course “Professional Phoning in English”.

Now that you have convinced him of its advantages, you feel most relieved. You are looking forward to the course because you know that you can only stand to gain from.

You can already clearly visualize the advantages for you:

  1. You’ll feel more satisfied with your job.
  2. You will no longer develop acute feelings of fear; you won’t feel insecure.
  3. You will be able to enhance your CV.
  4. This will increase your self-confidence.
  5. In the long term, your salary expectations will receive a boost.
  6. The company you work for will appreciate you even more as an employee.

When you enrol in an ABLE Business English course, we will show you how to lower the level of uncertainty. We will make sure speaking on the phone enjoyable for you. A friendly question or a nice word can help you relax. You will master friendly and polite expressions for your e-mails, for your work at the reception as well as for customer or client care.

We differ from many other course providers in that we let YOU decide – before and during the training – which content you want to perfect. The system of Business English Skills Munich is based on concrete modules. Future work processes in your job will become easier. The steps you are already familiar with in your native language can now also be used in English.


When you ask people how they would classify their English skills, they often overestimate their real knowledge. English is not just English. If you are able to talk to a foreign holidaymaker, that’s great! But how competent do you feel when it comes to your Business English Office skills?

Let’s say you are in a meeting and need to express approval and rejection, introduce a new idea, interrupt another participant, skilfully present arguments or convince someone at a presentation to use your products/services. Would you still feel comfortable? No? Then we can reassure you!

This is exactly what you will learn in our course. We will also give you the appropriate advice on how to apply what you have learned.

With this course, you have the opportunity to significantly improve your professional opportunities so you excel in your job. Combine the useful with the pleasant. You won’t have to wait long for your first successes in English.

Don’t forget: Germany is an export nation. Important contracts with foreign countries are often concluded after meetings, presentations and negotiations in English. It is also important to us that you get to know the conference culture of other countries. Good business is the result of good negotiations and skilful presentations leading to good contracts.



  1. Business English – Emails – Business phone calls (efficient management of emails and phone calls, correct handling of complaints and different types of customers, etc.).
  2. English for the reception (radiating friendliness, welcoming and entertaining visitors during their stay, offering refreshments, etc.).
  3. English presentations (professional preparation of your speech/talk/presentation, advice on how to avoid stage fright, organisation and presentation of your documents, tips on how to make an impressive presentation, how to deal correctly with subsequent questions from your listeners etc.)
  4. Business English Meetings (opening meetings, taking minutes, presenting arguments effectively, expressing opinions and objections, making suggestions, convincing others, becoming familiar with different conversation cultures, etc.).
  5. English for the trade fair (tips for the trade fair in the phases of preparation, organisation/implementation and follow-up).  
  6. English for customer care (tips for acquiring new customers, managing contacts with existing customers, etc.).

We are confident that we can create a tailor-made program for you that will make you more successful in your job and make your boss proud. A confident command of Business English Office language will also open completely new doors for you professionally. Don’t waste this opportunity, take your chance today and contact us.

You’ll benefit from our high-quality, effective courses straight away!

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