Business English for Marketing

Learn Business English specific to Marketing, PR & Advertizing


First things first: together we’ll carry out a needs analysis to develop the content of your English course in Marketing/PR.

Practice for your profession: group discussions, customer discussions, role-plays, talk and answer discussion, detailed explanations and presentations. The goal of task simulation is to combine relevant communication with linguistic skills.

English for you is about finding the right words or phrases for your target group, creating moods and painting an atmosphere. This will occupy a significant part of your course, You will get constructive feedback on your language use.


  1. Identification and presentation of marketing opportunities for a given product
  2. Generation, presentation and implementation of the above strategies to increase the market penetration of the product or, on the other hand, to launch a new market
  3. Discussion followed by marketing recommendation to increase sales, market share, branding and positioning
  4. Marketing measures, such as improvement of existing customer service strategies e.g.customer-gets-customer programmes, promotion of customer loyalty, introduction of customer profiles (personas)
  5. Targeting strategies
  6. Market research: implementation and presentation of concrete results

Business English and Marketing & PR belong together today. To feel qualified and secure, register for this course. A one-to-one training is always available. Also via Skype.

English and marketing already go hand in hand nowadays. Many terms in marketing jargon are not translated into your language, but are taken directly from English. To feel confident and qualified, you should register for this course. One-to-one training can be particularly positive and beneficial for you.

The Business English Marketing course at ABLE will give you the unwavering confidence you need to be more successful in your profession throughout the learning process. Do not wait any longer and enroll in our course today!


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