Legal English Kurs B2/C1

Legal English Kurse in München

Legal English Kurs B2/C1 für Fortgeschrittene

The Legal English Kurs B2/C1 – This workshop aims to improve your Legal English in all four language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and understanding of spoken texts. The areas of law under consideration will be mainly selected from the participants’ foci of interest. This is not an exam preparation course. Nevertheless, it is ideal as a preliminary at a B1 level to the more advanced TOLES course for participants with B2 or C1 proficiency.

Target Group for Legal English Kurs B2/C1

Lawyers and legal support staff who need to improve their English-language skills for their work. Furthermore, they often require evidence of their English-language competence. Therefore we offer our Legal English Kurs B2/C1.

Targets and benefits

Your speaking skills will be strengthened considerably, enabling you to engage more effectively in a range of speaking situations, such as client interviews and discussions with colleagues. You will improve your comprehension of spoken English used to discuss legal topics in interviews, discussions, and presentations. Afterward you are able to speak correct and fluent legal correspondence or memoranda. Besides you better your ability to read and understand legal texts, commercial or other legislation, legal correspondence, and law journal articles. You will greatly enhance your terminology and many of the language-related aspects of your work.

Phase 1 Reading and Writing

  • Legal correspondence via letter and email to clients and lawyer colleagues.
  • Global comprehension of dialogues: lawyer to lawyer, the lawyer with the client, law firm presentations.
  • Responding to a letter before action; drafting a letter summarizing options; client care letters, e.g. letters of advice; writing a letter defending or denying allegations made.
  • Legal terminology accompanying your law focus and/or contract law, tort law, commercial law, real property law, EU law.
  • Grammar and punctuation in the legal context.

Phase 2 Speaking and Listening

  • Short presentations
  • Lawyer-client interview: explaining points of law and terms to clients.
  • Case discussion
  • Hands-on simulations related to above topics.
  • Using English on the phone: dealing with inquiries, giving advice, explaining, negotiating.
  • Podcasts: lawyer-to-lawyer discussions, reports, presentations and interviews.
  • Recorded real-life situations such as directors’ meetings, meetings with corporate counsel, lawyer- client interviews.
  • Additional legal terminology from your specific law focus and/or contract law, tort law, commercial law, real property law and EU law.
  • Grammar and language feedback.

Extra Benefits

The opportunity to continue to the exam preparation course for ILEC (International Legal English Certificate), the qualification for many jobs requiring Legal English.

A wealth of additional material and analyses of your progress.

Your language instructor

As a participant in an ABLE workshop, you will receive the best possible support from your language instructors. They have already gathered several years of experience giving workshops and courses in reputable law firms.

Service with a smile

ABLE attaches considerable importance to your well-being after the workshop. Therefore your language instructor can give you further advice by email in the event of a “crisis”, should you wish. Naturally, you will receive a certificate after completion of each module. An evaluation of your progress will be included on request for your employer or your application dossier on completion of the workshop.

Reading and Listening Comprehension, Speaking and Writing – in this course you learn everything you need to take your professional English Skills to another level. With just one click and a few details about yourself, you are one step closer to your goal! What are you waiting for?

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