Negotiating in Businss English

On the phone – in person – via email

Negotiations in Business English

You need to conduct negotiations in Business English with colleagues and business partners about sales strategies, pricing or new business plans? After this seminar, you will be fit for English-language negotiating scenarios (on the phone, in vivo or by email).

Security as the Basis

Negotiations cost not only time, but sometimes courage. Those who lack confidence in English are less able to negotiate convincingly. Some clearly don’t get enough commissions. Often they cannot negotiate securely and effectively in English.

Everyone has a personal negotiating style. No need to copy other techniques. It is better to improve and develop your own, as in this course Negotiations in Company English. After completing the course, you will negotiate more confidently and securely.

Keep cool! Become a strong negotiating partner in English! With the necessary knowledge, practice and helpful feedback, you will master more difficult negotiations in English. This Negotiations in Company English course will give you the opportunity to improve your career prospects. After all, which boss does not need employees able to negotiate with international customers at a high level?


  1.   Discover and develop your own negotiating style.
  2.  Prepare yourself with expert guidance for real-life negotiations.
  3.  Learn suitable English-language building blocks. For opening, rapport building, confidence building. For negotiating proposals and summing up the main points in your negotiation.
  4. Learn the benefits of “Active Listening”. Become familiar with “Getting-to-Yes” guidelines.
  5.  Grow your awareness of the negotiating partner’s mindset .
  6. Develop a positive mood. Keep control over the negotiation process.
  7. Get ready for constructive feedback you can build on.

Negotiating in English? Remember the 3 C’s: Cool. Calm. Collected.

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